There are countless success stories of which I have been a part in the Keppel community.

Some are small like donating prizes to not-for-profit organisations, making presentations to school students, hosting morning teas for Gambling Community Benefit Fund recipients.

Then there are the big-ticket items like celebrating more doctors, nurses, fire, police and ambulance officers, as well as new staff at the Correctional Centre.

But often more evident are the multi-million dollar projects like the Northern Access Road, school buildings, a nursing home reno, or the construction of the Rehabilitation Centre.

I work hard at each of these “success stories”, big or small, and derive great pleasure at the positive responses from those advantaged.

Below are just some of those stories from recent times:

  • $9.7 million Yeppoon State High School

  • $2 million Rosslyn Bay Harbour floating pontoons

  • $14.3 million rehab and detox centre

  • $158 million Northern Access Road

  • $4 million police body cameras and information technology

  • $5.4 million major/serious crime operations

  • $648,000 Adelaide Park Rd

  • $500,000 Keppel Sands State School

  • $730,000 Mt Archer State School

  • $800,000 Cooberrie Park Wildlife Sanctuary

  • $6.7 million skilling Queenslanders for work

  • $4.2 million Project Booyah and Respect programmes

  • $2.5 million cattle unloading rail facility

  • $900,000 Taranganba State School

  • $6 million Parkhurst State School block

  • $489,000 start new Social Housing